Monday, February 4, 2008

Memories to Treasure

Memories in your life are treasures tied to your heartstrings. Preserve the timeless treasures of what you have lived, experienced and loved.


Beth said...

you never know who you are going to run across on blogspot. . . .but i remember drinking Dr. Pepper at your house when i was about 10!!! and remember your husband visiting my parents place in Canada!! i would fall asleep to them talking and laughting:) Good times!

Congratulations on your Granddaughter!!!!

Trisha's Site of Treasures said...

How surprised I was to hear from you, our little Canada girl. WOW! How time flies!
Would be great to see you and your parents - - - is there a way I can email them? We had SO many good times with your family.
Stay in touch,

Beth said...

yes dad and mom are living in Michigan right now. . .and are in the process of buying a house out here!!!!! Finally :)
their email is I know they would enjoy hearing from you :)

Ronda said...

Loved the walk down "memory lane"! Great pictures! Hope that you all are having a good week! Love ya! Ronda

Ronda said...

Thanks for the Valentine gifts for the kids...You are always so thoughtful! Love ya!

Kimberly said...

So fun to stumble onto your blog today! Enjoyed seeing your pictures and "Congrats." on your beautiful new grandbaby! It was so special to receive a phonecall from your Mom the other Sat. morning....please tell her how much we appreciate her prayers! We love and appreciate you all!! Kimberly Neuenswander
(and Mom says hello ,too!)